You Want A Decent Choice

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

You Want A Decent Choice?

I'm not sure what Kind of a question that is.

Given the Limits we have today, I would not be Surprised to Find No to this Choice.

Looking into a Glass Window and feeling left out... May Not Be Your True Desire.

Wishes and thoughts from the Past can be painful and also pleasurable..

Examining some of the more painful may not be an option Right Now for You ..

even though the hold the Keys to Your Future..........

Feeling Your Self still in the moment of time,

Take that opportunity to realize Whats Important.

Take Sometime And Willingly Create for Yourself New Choices And Continue to search for the Best possible Answers....

Three Experiences are far better that twenty limited points of
view; for Reality is what we make of it....

Letting Go And Feeling Freely to Experience

new Choices you never felt that you had.

If there are No Objections to this Experience,

Realizing things about your Past Objectively

And Beginning a new Search.

Moments Are Precious in the Right Place And Context.They
show us who we are and not who we thought We left Behind.....

Objectively Seeking the Truth About It All.....

Feeling those Feelings and Sharing what we Know to be

Mutually Beneficial to Others and Self.....

Its all about Your Beliefs whether its About:





They Are All Beneficial.

To be Continued............

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It thrills me to have a good influence on so many people. I appreciate all the effort that many of You put forward every day;because I do it also.Its tough and there are so many techniques to learn and use. I hope to share mine and hope they help people when they need it the most.